TCL phecda

TCL phecda

As a new generation product of TCL medical ultrasound family, TCL phecda is a high-end color doppler ultrasonic diagnosis system integrating advanced imaging technology and innovative design. The igration operation platform and advanced digital signal processing technology based on TCL's own research and development have enabled it to have efficient processing power, rapid imaging speed and advanced high-end functions. At the same time as the world's first volume of TPV spectrum imaging technology is a major breakthrough of TCL, can automatically calculate hemodynamic information, accurate analysis of blood flow parameter, various data related to bleeding from flow information, help the doctor to complete the deeper and more accurate scan.

. TPV Three-dimensional Pulse doppler Volume imaging technology

. T-flow high resolution Transcoding blood flow imaging technology

. Blood flow multifunctional parallel processing technology

. Elastography imaging technology

. IMT Intima-media Thickness automatic measurement

. Anatomic Motion Mode 

. Color Motion Mode

. Tissue Doppler Imaging technology

. Real-time 4D volume imaging technology


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